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Prosthetic Contact Lenses

Prosthetic Contact Lenses

Sometimes when a patient with an ocular disfigurement presents for a prosthetic lens fitting, it requires a mental clearing of the cobwebs that may be present in order to remember the steps and the important concepts in fitting these rewarding lens designs. Best Prosthetic eye in Udaipur. lenses can have multiple applications. A cosmetic colored soft lens may be considered a prosthetic lens, with transparent or opaque color options. There are sports-tinted prosthetic lenses available in blue, yellow, green, amber and gray to help with contrast and outdoor lighting conditions. There are prosthetic lenses designed for color vision deficiencies to 16 CLSA EyeWitness Summer 2015 Prosthetic Soft Lenses 101 CE The Who, What and How of Prosthetic Lens Designing Wendy Ford, FCLSA, COMT, NCLEM bia due to various ocular conditions. A prosthetic soft lens is a contact lens used to solve structural and anatomical abnormalities of the eye.They may be used in patients with congenital defects, such as aniridia or coloboma, or in patients with ocular injuries which can leave the eye disfigured, scarred and oftentimes with low-vision or blindness. Prosthetic lenses can provide not only a cosmetic benefit of a normal appearing eye, restoring the outward appearance of a damaged or disfigured eye, and can help to restore the patient’s confidence and self-esteem.

“Beyond correction, our prosthetic contact lenses are crafted as artistic expressions. Tailored for various needs, they seamlessly restore a natural appearance, instilling confidence in wearers with congenital defects or ocular injuries. Whether addressing structural abnormalities or enhancing cosmetic benefits, each blink becomes a gesture of comfort and aesthetic restoration.”

  • Innovative Materials: Our orbital prostheses incorporate advanced materials prioritizing durability and a lifelike appearance. We use cutting-edge solutions to ensure the prosthesis serves its functional purpose while enhancing facial aesthetics.
  • Cosmetic Rehabilitation: Designed for rehabilitation, our orbital prostheses play a crucial role in restoring facial symmetry and natural aesthetics. Meticulous craftsmanship ensures the prosthesis blends seamlessly with surrounding facial features.

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