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Alakh Artificial Eye Center

Where Art Meets Precision: Crafting Eyes, Creating Smiles. 

Alakh Artificial Eye Center

Unveiling Beauty, Renewing Confidence: The Alakh Artistry

Alakh Artificial Eye Center was established by Kailash Chandra Gour in 2016, to serve the people who lost their confidence only because of bad look of the face. We stand with a great team of our hard-working and expert team of Doctors who possess excellence work proficiency and years of experience in their fields. We never compromise with the quality of the product and serve the best of us to our patients. We are always grateful to our patients and doctors, one who shows their belief in us and the second one who makes us believable and trustworthy.

At Alakh, compromise is never an option – only the best for our patients. Gratitude echoes through the halls, shared by those who believe in us and those who make us the epitome of trustworthiness. Join us in celebrating belief, trust, and the art of confidence restoration.

"Where Art Meets Precision: Crafting Eyes, Creating Smiles."

Beauty Unveiled, Confidence Renewed: Alakh Artistry

Crafting Confidence

We are committed to “Crafting Confidence” in the delicate art of creating artificial eyes, going beyond the manufacture of prosthetics. Every painstaking detail at Alakh is the Best Artificial Eye Clinic in Udaipur. is like a brushstroke on the canvas of confidence. We are not just here to fix Damaged eyes. It’s about building your self-assurance so you can face the world with renewed certainty. Welcome to Alakh, a place where confidence and accuracy meet in a life-changing experience.

Personalized Consultation:

  • Begin your journey with a personalized consultation tailored to your unique needs.
  • Our experts guide you through the process, addressing concerns and preferences.

Artificial eye

Damage eye

Artistry in Advancements: The Precision of Customized Artificial Eyes

Customized artificial eyes are a testament to the advancements in medical technology and the dedication of professionals in the field of ocularistry.

Step Overview

Our skilled team blends art and expertise, ensuring uncompromised quality and gratitude from a community that believes in and trusts us. Join us in celebrating the art of renewed confidence.

Empowering Lives

FAQ 's

Q.1 What material is used in making prosthetic eyes?

Acrylic is the primary material used to make prosthetic eyes, with medical-grade plastic used to make the part that fits into the eye socket on the back. In certain instances, the front part is made of porcelain.

Q.2 When will I get my prosthesis?

The majority of the time, an ocular prosthesis can be installed six weeks after surgery. If surgery is not required, you can have your eye manufactured at any time.

Q.3 Is the procedure painful?

The procedure is not at all painful. Adults and cooperative children can sit through the procedure very comfortably.

Q.4 Will my prosthesis look like my other eye?

Yes, the prosthesis looks very natural. The colour and appearance are made to match your other eye.It is designed to match the color and appearance of your other eye.

Creating an Artificial Eye


Impression and Measurement:

At this crucial stage, our dedicated team conducts an in-depth consultation, diving into your unique needs. Through meticulous eye socket impressions, we capture the intricate details. Precision extends beyond size to embrace nuanced dimensions and natural color, laying the foundation for a customized and lifelike artificial eye.

Modeling and Fabrication:

In the artful realm of artificial eyes, our skilled craftsmen transform detailed impressions into wax masterpieces. This meticulous modeling process serves as the blueprint, guiding the fabrication of the final prosthesis. Every step is a symphony of precision, ensuring the end result is not just an artificial eye but a masterpiece of personalized restoration.


Fitting and Finalization

As the meticulously crafted artificial eye takes its place, our focus shifts to precision fitting. Our expert team ensures a seamless integration, making necessary adjustments for optimal comfort. Refining details and addressing any concerns, we embark on the final steps, guaranteeing a natural and lifelike appearance that enhances confidence

Our Services

Customised Artificial Eye

The human eye is an amazing organ that gives us the gift of seeing and allows us to appreciate the beauty of the world. Regrettably, the psychological and physical effects of losing an eye to disease or accident can be severe. Ocular prostheses, or custom-made artificial eyes, come to the rescue in this situation.

Orbital Prosthesis

“A specially constructed artificial device called an orbital prosthesis is used to replace an eye, eyelid, and surrounding tissue that has been lost. It offers a realistic and visually beautiful way to restore the damaged eye area to its original state. In addition to being more attractive on the outside, orbital prosthetics have practical advantages that boost the wearer’s self-confidence and general well-being.”

Prosthetic Contact Lens

“Prosthetic contact lenses are an amazing and adaptable option for eyeglasses that may be used for both correction and cosmetic augmentation. The look or color of the wearer’s eyes may be altered by eye disorders, trauma to the eyes, or congenital problems. These specialist contact lenses are specially tailored to fit their specific demands.”

Crutch Glasses

“With crutch glasses, the wearer can perceive what’s in front of them without bending over or straining their neck, thanks to thoughtfully placed mirrors. The scene from below or around them is reflected upward into the user’s field, enabling more independent, safe, and comfortable movement with this clever design.”

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Other Services

Ear Prosthesis

Our ear prostheses are crafted with precision, restoring not just the physical structure but the natural harmony of your appearance. Meticulously designed to blend seamlessly, our prosthetics redefine confidence and redefine the way you perceive yourself.

Finger Prosthesis

Experience the artistry of our finger prostheses, meticulously crafted for seamless integration and functionality. Whether replacing a missing digit or enhancing aesthetics, our prosthetics offer natural movement and a lifelike appearance. Regain confidence in every grasp with our expertly designed finger prostheses.

Scleral shell

Our scleral shells, crafted with precision and care, redefine ocular aesthetics. Offering a seamless blend with your eye, these prosthetics enhance both appearance and comfort. Experience a renewed sense of confidence with our expertly designed scleral shells, where natural beauty meets prosthetic excellence.

Spectacle mounted ocular

“Step into a world of innovative design with our spectacle-mounted ocular solutions. Expertly crafted for comfort and style, these prosthetics seamlessly integrate with eyeglasses, offering a unique fusion of function and aesthetics. Redefine your appearance with our precision-designed spectacle-mounted ocular solutions.”

Hollow prosthesis

“Our hollow prostheses combine innovation and comfort, providing a feather-light solution with a lifelike appearance. Meticulously designed to enhance natural contours, these prosthetics ensure both comfort and confidence. Experience a seamless blend of form and function with our expertly crafted hollow prostheses.”

Microphthalmos treatment

“Our dedicated microphthalmos treatment offers specialized care for those with smaller-than-normal eyes. Meticulously tailored solutions address unique needs, ensuring optimal comfort and overall well-being. Experience personalized care that goes beyond size, enhancing your well-being.”

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Alakh Artificial Eye Center

Our Strong Points

At Alakh Artificial Eye Center, our expert ocularists and experienced team lead the way in crafting customized artificial eyes using high-quality medical-grade materials. From innovative orbital prostheses to versatile prosthetic contact lenses and effective Ptosis crutches, we restore confidence and redefine normalcy, ensuring exceptional outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Customised Artificial Eye
Orbital Prosthesis
Crutch Glasses
Prosthetic Contact Lenses

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